“The TREE”

This has been a particular favorite of many friends at the Eggnog Party over the years. Once again, I don’t have the information from where this originated as it actually came with the tree shaped pan about 14 yrs. ago!

This recipe makes an enormous amount in a form pan in the shape of a Christmas Tree. My suggestion is that if you are making it for less than a crowd of 20 you might want to cut it in half and put it into a round pan and decorate like a Christmas ball instead of a tree.

·        Pesto, sundried tomato, goat cheese TREE

·        Cheesecloth

·        4 pkgs. cream cheese-softened

·        8 oz. Goat cheese-softened

·        15 Thin slices Provolone

·        1 1/4 cups prepared pesto

·        1 cup chopped drained sundried tomatoes packed in oil

·        1/2 cup Pine nuts, toasted

Wet a single layer of cheesecloth & squeeze dry. Line pan with cheesecloth, allowing cloth to extend over sides. Beat cream cheese and goat cheese until very creamy and smooth (about 5 mins.) Layer in prepared pan as follows:

·        2 cups cream cheese mix

·        5 slices provolone

·        3/4 cup pesto

·        5 slices provolone

·        1 cup cream cheese mix

·        chopped sundried tomatoes

·        Pine Nuts

·        5 slices provolone

·        3/4 cup (remaining) pesto

·        2 cups (remaining) cream cheese mix

Fold hanging cheesecloth over top. Regfrigerate several hours or overnight.

Unwrap top of mold. Unmold appetizer into serving platter, remove cheesecloth.

Garnish with roasted red pepper circles & star, fresh basil leaves & additional toasted pine nuts.

Serve with toasted French Bread slices (slice a baguette on the diagonal brush them with a little olive oil and bake for about 10 mins. in a hot 400° oven until browned and toasted crisp)

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