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Chicago Business Trip and Syrup!

Once while on a business trip the funniest thing happened to me! I was managing the Eastern US for a food manufacturer at the time and I just loved my job.

Maple syrup

Maple Syrup

I had just hired this amazing young man to manage the mid-west territory and we had a big presentation

scheduled at a hotel in the Chicago area. We managed to get everything set up with enough time left to allow us to have some lunch prior to the presentation.

About 5 of us from the company all sat down at the hotel restaurant and ordered lunch. When we finished I started to stand up and the whole chair came with me!!

It was stuck to my butt!  Which of course, had everyone in hysterics. I should mention that I don’t mind being laughed at if it’s funny. And this was funny!

But you can imagine my panic when I realized that I didn’t have time to go upstairs and change and now I had syrup all over my butt!

Thankfully I was wearing a black slack suit. So the only other lady in the group grabbed a cloth napkin off the table and said “come with me.” I followed

her to the ladies room where she wet the cloth napkin then got down on her knees and started wiping my butt.  Too funny!

She said “you didn’t remember me before but I’m thinking you’re going to remember me now!”  Ha ha

And she was right, I never forgot her after that.

Also the young man that I had just hired still keeps in touch many years later and this is only one of the many funny stories we still laugh about. He says he still tells “Sally stories”

all these years later. So stay tuned for more!


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