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Yogurt Cucumber Sauce


If you have known me for any length of time you know that I am very much into FRESH and NATURAL ingredients! This is why I love Chobani Greek Yogurt. It is made with the best ingredients with no artificial

additives or preservatives. It also contains twice the protein of other yogurts with  5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics!



Visit their site for more great recipes here:

They also have a really cool conversion chart to create healthier but still TASTY

recipes just scroll down on that page to see it.

Here is a recipe for a wonderful sauce I like to serve with fish. Particularly salmon:

1 Cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt (fat free)

1/2 Burpless cucumber peeled and grated (the long skinny ones usually wrapped in plastic) (these are less likely to “repeat” on you)

Fresh garlic (one small clove crushed)

Fresh Dill Weed (snipped) to taste

Mix the yogurt and grated cucumber then add the crushed garlic and snipped dill weed.

Serve this wonder sauce over any kind of fish.

Pecan crusted Salmon:

Spread about a TBS of Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt over the salmon

then cover with finely chopped pecans mixed with a little parmesan and just a touch of olive oil

You can add some fresh chopped parsley to this if desired.

Spread over salmon and then bake in oven at 350 for about 20 mins. (depending on thickness and desired doneness)


A scrumptious meal!

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