Hi I’m Sally Cevasco or well known amongst my family and friends as “Dial-A-Cook” because over the years I’m the one they call whenever they have cooking & baking questions or need a good recipe!

The fact is I spent 19 years living in rural Vermont and we lived off the land. We had an enormous garden and I can grow it, jam it, freeze it, can it, pickle it, make butter in a jar, milk the cows and make maple syrup!

I have also spent over 25 years in the food industry, the first of which was my over 9 years working for the King Arthur Flour Company in Vermont. Some of my original recipes can be found in the first edition of the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook and many of the early catalogue publications of the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Catalogue.

I very much enjoy sharing my passion for cooking and baking with, not only my family and friends but my extended family and friends, “the world!”

Tasty Food


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