Sally’s Secret Italian Tomato Sauce


Ok, the secret’s out now so enjoy!

It’s a little tricky to share this one because it truly is a “Secret” when you never measure ingredients! But I think this should be close enough:

• 1 Large Can crushed Tomatoes

• 1 Large Can chopped crushed Tomatoes (with tomato chunks)

• 1 small can tomato paste

• oregano (use fresh if you have it, if not dried will do)

• basil (use fresh if you have it, if not dried will do)

• bay leaf

• ¼ cup red wine

• 3 cloves of Fresh Garlic-chopped fine (use garlic zoom if you have it)

• onion 2 tsp. sugar (this can be optional but it does help cut the acid)

• 2 TBS. of Olive oil

In a large kettle or stock pot Saute onion in oil Add Bay leaf, and 1 tsp. each of basil & oregano and crack some black pepper Saute these ingredients for just a few mins. until the onion turns translucent and tender Add 1 tsp. of garlic sauté 1 more min.

Add all tomatoes and paste Add red wine Add two more cloves of chopped garlic and sugar Sprinkle in more oregano and basil and black pepper to taste (approx. another 2 tsp.)

Simmer on low anywhere from 45 min. to 3 hrs. stirring occasionally making sure that it doesn’t burn on the bottom You can add any or a combination of all of the following options.

Options: Add 1 to 1 ½ lbs. sautéed hamburger meat Add Pork shoulder Roast/and/or Italian Sausage Add: Fresh grated Parmesan cheese ¼ cup

This sauce goes great over any pasta and is yummy for chicken, eggplant and veal parmesan too! This is a great sauce to put on any kind of pasta and it works great for chicken, eggplant and veal parmesan too!

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