Kick’n Chicken-Best Roasted Chicken!

Many of guests have said that this was the BEST roasted chicken they have ever had!!

The BEST part is how EASY this is!

Fire up your outdoor grill for best results and let it get pretty hot. Between 400 and 500 degrees works well.


1   Roasting chicken 5 to 7 lbs. or so

Olive oil

Weber’s Kick’n Chicken Seasoning:

Roasting seasoning

Best Roasting seasoning


Garlic powder

I also have a grinder with Rosemary and garlic so I sprinkle with that too

Just brush or pour a little olive oil over the chicken top and bottom

then sprinkle the seasonings on as desired. The Kick’n Chicken

seasoning is a bit spicy so act accordingly!

Place the seasoned whole chicken into a pan that you don’t care about getting

seasoned (dark colored) from cooking on the grill. Be sure to use a pan that is oven safe.

Glass or metal work best. I wouldn’t recommend using the foil disposables as they probably

won’t do well in the extreme heat.

Close the grill lid and leave it for at least 2 hours. Check on it now and then to make sure

it’s not getting too burned.

Once it is done the outside will be very crispy and the inside will be super moist and very tasty!


The “Everybody’s Favorite Salad” goes very well with Kick’n Chicken!

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