Maine Lobster

Eating Maine Lobster is an ART!

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in Maine this year when my son got married to a gal that is from Maine.

The wedding was at Pleasant Point Inn right on Kezar lake in Lovell, Maine. Very lovely location.


Wedding on Kezar lake

Jesse and Sarah’s wedding

We decided to take several days vacation after the wedding and spend time on the coast of Maine in the same area I used to take

Many do not realize that lobsters come in two shell forms:

Soft shell and hard shell

Soft shell is much easier to get into and you can usually eat the entire lobster without heavy machinery.

Hard shell are great but you definitely need some heavy duty tools to access the meat.

I used to take my kids to Maine every summer for a few days or a week every year when we lived in Vermont. It was a magical and wonderful time

being right on the water and eating lobster every day while we were there!

It’s funny I’ve actually had people in the grocery store ask me how to cook lobsters when I’ve bought them live.

It’s really very easy but some are squeamish when putting the into to the pot live.

You just need a large pot and I actually use an insert into that pot that has holes in it to let the steam through.

Steaming is best because they don’t take on as much water. Once they are done cooking it’s not fun to have the water

drain all over when you break them apart! Timing depends on how many lobsters and the size of them. If they are average 1 1/2 pounds

and you only have a couple, you could cook them about 25 to 30 mins. and it will be fine.

We stayed right next door to a place where we could order the lobsters of any size and have them cooked. Then we brought them back to where we stayed and ate them.

The first night we were there we had a crowd of family join us and we ordered and ate 13 lobsters for dinner!!!

It was great because it would have been 3 times the price to eat them at the restaurant!

Maine Lobsters

Maine Lobsters


How to Eat a Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

How to eat a Maine lobster:

There are many ways to eat a lobster, just like eating Maryland crabs.  I prefer to remove the tail

by turning it upside down and grabbing the tail and pulling it backwards until it snaps off the body.

Then I squeeze the tail inward toward itself until it cracks all the way down. Then use both hands to

pull it apart away from you by pushing it backwards on both sides and then grab the meat and pull it out.

Twist the claws off and break them apart.  Use tools or utensils to push the meat through the claws

and legs. Lots of meat can be found in the body right where the legs attach so don’t forget to

attack that part as well! The legs are more work and many leave them behind but the bigger the lobster the

more meat you will find and the legs should not be ignored.

Dip in drawn butter and you are in HEAVEN!



After the wedding we spent several days on the coast of Maine and it was just heavenly!

Eating lobster and drinking champagne every day!!

Lighthouse in Maine

Pemiquid Point Lighthouse




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